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Neat Burger

Neat Burger;is the first of it's kind! Ethical, sustainable and delicious, we grill with plant-based passion and serve with style.

Neat Food

Neat Meat is a healthy replacement for ground beef! Made from pecans, garbanzo beans, and spices, this ground-beef replacement is the perfect match for no-meat burgers, chili, sliders, and more!

Beyond Meat

Our mission is to create delicious, nutritious, sustainable protein so that you can Eat What You Love™, no sacrifice required.

Gaia's Milk

Utilising Mother Earths greatest plant, hemp, for her environmental, health and material benefits.



Vise is a technology-powered investment manager that provides financial advisors with customized and intelligent investment solutions to help their clients achieve their goals.

Sustainable Energy

Niron Magnetics

High Performance, Low-Cost Permanent Magnets

The Metals Company

The Metals Company will enable the battery-powered shift to clean energy and electric vehicles with the lightest planetary touch.



The E1 Series and Kreisel Electric are joining forces to bring the world's first electric powerboat championship to the water.


MATE. is a Copenhagen-based startup founded by siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton.

Relativity Space

Relativity is building the first autonomous rocket factory and launch services for satellites. We are disrupting 60 years of aerospace.


Royal Yacht International

Discover Royal Yacht International, a worldwide yacht charter agency based in Monaco. We provide luxury services and yacht management.


MATE. is a Copenhagen-based startup founded by siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton.


Gryphon Partners

Gryphon Partners is a private investment office built on a foundation of entrepreneurship and sophistication. Gryphon takes strategic positions in innovative, high-growth companies at the forefront of healthcare, technology, and sustainability.

Tommaso Chiabra Holding

Creating and investing in the most sustainable way.

About Tommaso Chiabra

President Tommaso Chiabra

graduated with a degree in Communication & Public Relations from IULM in Milan, Italy. His first taste of entrepreneurial success came as the Founder of Royal Yacht – a market leader in the global yachting business with eight offices in six different countries. As an investor, Tommaso focuses on socially impactful businesses and has been an early investor in companies such as Beyond Meat and Deep Green Mining.

A creative, versatile and highly driven businessman, he is also a founder of Neat Meat, the mother company of Neat Burger. After opening its first outlet in the UK, the plant-based, sustainable burger chain is already moving forward with ambitious plans, as Tommaso and his partners, Lewis Hamilton and Cream Holdings, aim to make Neat Food Co. the leading global plant-based company.

Tommaso sits on the board of public listed company Mene Inc. and collaborates with a variety of leading tech companies, while also serving as Fundraising Chairman for UNICEF Events. His role has enabled him to travel with UNICEF, supporting numerous projects in disadvantaged countries and raising more than $10 million through his charitable efforts.



Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.


Openness and transparency. The investments we make are always guided and the objectives clear and concrete. We take on compelling projects that will turn into future success stories.


Navigate towards success. With the expertise of Royal Yacht and Royal Yacht Supplies (Food and Beverage) behind you, your goals are no longer on the distant horizon. The world of yachting and luxury boats is a second home for Tommaso: this dynamic area the nautical industry has always been at the forefront of his entrepreneurial endeavours.

Digital Media

In the future the word ‘digital’ will be synonymous with business. Tommaso Chiabra is ideally placed to create the connections to drive your technological venture, whatever this may be.

Bet Rank is a clear example of how online betting can merge with social networking, while Charity Gift Room is proof that 2.0 is about more than just sharing; it’s about solidarity and a passion for projects that really mean something on a social level.


Home and possessions: two essential words that factor in our day-to-day lives. Tommaso Chiabra is supported by a team of experts, all of whom are specialised in the commodities and real estate sectors


Whether on the sports field or in the board room, dressing well is one of the keys to success. TC Chiabra Holding has transformed Mimi a Metrè into a one of the hottest brands on the market. It’s bold, dynamic and bursting with creativity.


Strategy & Consulting

When things get complicated, a strong strategy can prove the difference between an exciting project and a difficult one. TC Chiabra Holding can help you put the right strategy in place for your business.

We also offer consultancy, help with business plans and general support, giving you all the tools you need to take your company straight to the top!


Tommaso Chiabra, 32 yo, author of this diary, is an entrepreneur, investor and manager of numerous companies in the international arena. Since 2016 he works with UNICEF Italia as a pro bono consultant. In the these pages, he wants to share his first field trip with UNICEF in Sierra Leone. 
Freetown-Rome, May 2018 – «Dear passengers, we regret to inform you that the flight has been cancelled due to a technical issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we are planning a new departure within 48 hours.
For the next two days, you will be accommodated in the hotel opposite the airport where we stopped off: the airport of MonroviaLiberia.»
If I had ever been told that hearing this sentence would have not hastily set me off to look for a solution, however crazy, to go back “home” I would have never believed it. Ever.
But it was exactly what happened.
While listening to the call that Elisabetta, a member of UNICEF Italy, made to her (until then) unknown Liberian colleagues, I realized that, after all, those two days would have not been wasted. During that first late night phone call, a visit to some of our nearby projects was arranged. 
And in that precise moment I understood that after my field trip in Sierra Leone with UNICEF I had really changed and what may have been a “great waste of time” to my older self was now a “beautiful important opportunity”. 
Actually, several great opportunities.
First of all, the chance given me to visit many of the UNICEF projects, a unique possibility to witness and finally fully grasp the reality I had heard so many of my colleagues talk about for the past two years. 
Because none of their words could ever properly describe the smiling liveliness of the children’s eyes I stared into, the sweet resilience showed by the numerous mothers we met, the steady determination of the UNICEF staff and the sincere gratitude with which their efforts are met by the entire community.
A gratitude that made me feel prouder and prouder to be part of the “blue cyan organization“. Or “blue cyan angels” as they have been called ever since they kept working in Sierra Leone during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak, no matter how increasingly dangerous it became.
Words fail me as I try to explain how I have seen the UNICEF motto, “the last child comes first“, being truly embodied in its everyday work, activities and members even in the farthest and most remote Sierra Leone villages, where not even asphalt has made its way but UNICEF has, and everybody recognizes and cherishes its presence. 
It was in one of these remote villages, in the middle of a forest, that upon a joyful and festive welcome I met Isaia, a social worker and the UNICEF spokesman for this area.
He showed me with glowing pride, his first aid kit, consisting of a few medicines and some instruments to detect the early onset of some of the most common deadly diseases, such as yellow fever, malaria or pneumonia, in order to be able to cure them promptly and also urge families to reach for the hospital or the nearest walk in center (usually a 5 to 7 hours long walk).
I could tell from his eyes that what he showed me was his most precious treasure and his gratitude and passion arrived straight to my heart way before his words could be translated.

Isaia, UNICEF referent of the area, shows Tommaso his own First Aid kit full of medicines and tools needed to identify the most common killer diseases … and beat them – ©UNICEF Italia/2018/S. Blasi

That same day we celebrated together with Isaia the amazing result that, since he became a “blue cyan angel”, no child among those in his care has died of malnutrition
Thanks to men and women like Isaia, UNICEF local representatives who have been selected and trained, I fully understood what being an extensive organization really means.
It is from its headquarters in Freetown that the UNICEF staff, together with its members working all over the area, has selected four valuable persons that are constantly monitored, updated and stocked with the necessary medicinesvaccines and supplies in order to keep them efficient and enable them to provide the children in their area with the best care possible. 
Because most of the time it takes only a few items to save and protect the life of a child, such as vaccinestherapeutic foods or antibiotics that are within hand’s reach. 
Yet, every day in the world, 15,000 children lose their lives due to preventable and curable diseases.
Yet, as of today, a child being born in Sierra Leone is 30 times more likely to die before his/her fifth birthday than one in the UK, which sets Sierra Leone at the top of the under 5 mortality rate index with 114 deaths every 1,000 births
An unacceptable amount, even more so if I think that 1 out of 5 of the children I played and sang and laughed with during this incredible stay, may be one of them. 
Or maybe not, as the children I met are the lucky ones, those UNICEF has been able to look after and possibly protect, providing them with immediate care in case they were to fall ill. 
Yes, I use the word lucky, even in regards to those who became infected with malaria, a disease that can be cured with a few pills, pills that I saw being given to mothers in one of the walk in centres we visited, together with an extensive explanation of their dosage and times of administration. 
Because drugs alone “are not enough, it is of foremost importance to educate and inform about these diseases, to make mothers aware of how prevention works and what impact administering the pills at the right time has“.