Openness and transparency. The investments we make are always guided and the objectives clear and concrete. We take on compelling projects that will turn into future success stories.


Navigate towards success. With the expertise of Royal Yacht and Royal Yacht Supplies (Food and Beverage) behind you, your goals are no longer on the distant horizon. The world of yachting and luxury boats is a second home for Tommaso: this dynamic area the nautical industry has always been at the forefront of his entrepreneurial endeavours.


In the future the word ‘digital’ will be synonymous with business. Tommaso Chiabra is ideally placed to create the connections to drive your technological venture, whatever this may be.

Bet Rank is a clear example of how online betting can merge with social networking, while Charity Gift Room is proof that 2.0 is about more than just sharing; it’s about solidarity and a passion for projects that really mean something on a social level.


Home and possessions: two essential words that factor in our day-to-day lives. Tommaso Chiabra is supported by a team of experts, all of whom are specialised in the commodities and real estate sectors.


Whether on the sports field or in the board room, dressing well is one of the keys to success. TC Chiabra Holding has transformed Mimi a Metrè into a one of the hottest brands on the market. It’s bold, dynamic and bursting with creativity.


When things get complicated, a strong strategy can prove the difference between an exciting project and a difficult one. TC Chiabra Holding can help you put the right strategy in place for your business.

We also offer consultancy, help with business plans and general support, giving you all the tools you need to take your company straight to the top!