Tommaso Chiabra and Manuele Thiella, Founder and CEO of Royal Yacht, respectively, are two entrepreneurs who have spent the past few years making a name for themselves in the Yachting Business.

Their career in yachting began in 2011 when, both aged just 25, they founded Royal Yacht Supplies, a food and beverage delivery business, aimed at captains and ship owners and combining excellent service and competitive prices.

Their customers were among the most important (and demanding) Yacht Owners in the world, providing them a network of contacts and earning them the reputation from which to build a successful career in this exciting sector.

In a short space of time Royal Yacht Supplies found itself as the official supplier of food and beverage to exclusive parties held aboard some of the most important Yachts. It also became the official supplier to the marina party held in Monte Carlo at the annual Monaco Grand Prix.

In just 12 months, the company’s expansion was clear to see as three vans bearing the Royal Yacht Supplies logo veered through the ports of major cities. They had found a winning combination of high quality, refined products and fair prices.

Word spread, the leading maritime agencies began to choose Royal Yacht Supplies as their official customer suppliers and the Yacht Club of Portofino asked Tommaso and Manuele to become partners.

The result? A million sales in the first season alone. The secret of their success? A warehouse stocked according to demand and direct agreements with suppliers for the provision for the supply of the products themselves.

This winning formula now allows Royal Yacht Supplies to sell a bottle of Crystal Champagne on board for just 130€, rather than the 200€ charged by other suppliers and bulk distributers.

As the names Tommaso and Manuele become synonymous with quality and reliability, their clients soon began to ask them for other services such as Yacht Chartering.  The timing seemed right for the two of them to take on the big players and to enter the brokerage market.

Success came quickly, sales increased by 350% and the duo’s network of contacts grew larger – all thanks to Tommy and Manu’s ability to understand what their clients wanted and to provide a service guaranteed to offer 100% satisfaction.

What’s more it was their own version of success, that of two young guys with fresh ideas rather than that of the old guard, the ‘little Englishmen’, with their double-breasted suits and gold pocket watches, the type of businessman that time had left behind.

This was the just the start for Royal Yacht Brokers, which, as of today boasts around 10 broker affiliates and is starting to specialise in providing mediation during Yacht buying and selling negotiations.

The brokers promote the business; Manuele looks after client relationships with the UAE during the winter season and Tommaso those with Miami and the Caribbean. Tommaso and Manuele’s approach shows that to achieve success in this sector it’s important to build solid relationships with the most important Yacht owners and captains.

You need to be fast, reliable and leaner than the existing bloated corporations on the market, these the victims of the many decades of bureaucracy.

2014 began for these two Wolves of Yachting with a contract to manage a Billionaire’s client list. This was followed by a partnership agreement with Kessel Car – an important subsidiary of Ferrari in Europe – a deal that will allow the company to extend the range of services it offers to its own clients.

The two young entrepreneurs are also growing their interest in the Balearic market and are ideally placed to manage large numbers of customers directly from Ibiza’s Botafoch marina following the passing of a new law, which will open up the charter market to international vessels.

This is Tommaso Chiabra’s flagship company – a one-stop shop within the world of yachting and a global point of reference for the sector. The services it offers range from supplying the highest quality food and beverage via Royal Yacht Supplies, to chartering with Royal Yacht Brokers.